sábado, 23 de abril de 2011

Letter to my brother Cameroon

My Dear Cameroon,

I hope you remember me. We first met when I was acting as Chief of Ministers, do you know what I mean? I must be the chief of them all, so we have identity, no matters what side we look, to governance of the country.

We already changed the name of that Old British colony in the south of portugal, now it is Allgarve, wich stands for everygarve. We heard Lord Algarvium about it, and he gave us a big lough, sou we sought (fok the automatic corrector) he loved the ideia…It is more English and easy to speak for you…
I´m writing to you, to ask for invitations for the Royal Wedding, or marriage, fok the corrector automatic. We loved to go do London in Easter time. Harrods is beautiful, and the first lady loves shopping there…
The Libia was a mistake, sorry to tell you. You have not the Mounty to win that battle, so don´t beggin it, fok! You need also advise from Louis, very bright and handsome man in my court, fok again the automatic corrector. We love the French, but don’t trust them very much, you kwou what I mean? Put the Germans on the noise, fok! Say they a secret packt with the coronel, because of the oil, and the shit hits the ventoinha and spreads to them alll…

Look, sink (fok the corrector) of the invitations, OK? We could take the chance and sign a treaty about Allgarve or about Madeira. We could change the name to Woodland… What do you sink? (fok the corrector)… Just a coincidence the invitation and the treaty... Is just to take the chance of the trip, OK?

So long is going this letter, so I must put an end to it…Have a nice Easter Hollidays. I am since yesterday in vacations, because we give the point tolelarantion to civil servants. Four days reposal is good to rest a bit and I gain votes… ;) The other Rabbit is F. with me. I ate it in cebolation. Big laf, ah, ah, ah!

Big embrace to you and don´t forget the invitation!



P.S. (always!): Have a good Easter. Here we don't have Easter. I ate the rabbit, the bunny and all the eggs ...

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  1. rrrrssrrsrsrsr :))))) when I stop laughing I'll give a decent comment, rrssss...meanwhile, I'll prepare my rabbit in cebolation, rrs.. Your letter to Cameroon, dear joe, is deliciously amusing... if you get the invites, be sure to let us see the photos of the royal wedding (I especialy liked the difficulties in the automatic corrector. rrrrsss!!!!)I think your suggestion to change sir albert john garden's island to Woodland, a great idea... maybe the civil servants tired as they must be, from all these extra days off(??????? are you crazy joe????), (seeing as the country's fine, just filthy rich... )might go for a holliday... and maybe cut down the casacas(fok the corrector, rrss) there, :))start a fire... fire this one, that one, rrrrrsrss:))
    Just loved reading you and having a good laugh (my kids think I'm crazy giggling while i read this... big kiss, have a nice Easter!

  2. Eva,
    Obrigado pelo comment. A ideia do nome do vice-rei è excelente! Fica bem ocm a terra ;)
    Uma Boa Páscoa para ti também!

  3. Depois do castelhano e do inglês marroquino... confesse tiozinho qual o Partido que convidou Vª Senhoria para Ministro dos Negócios Estrangeiros... o que era já não vai ser e andam tantos por aí, em nobres convites que fico desconfiada... com tanto treino linguístico lol
    Posso secretariar qualquer futuro Ministro
    Curriculum vitae:
    Sobrinha do Tio do Algarve lol


  4. Comilão....

    Olha, tenho um MEME para ti.

  5. Isa,
    Eu nem assado gosto...Quanto ao cargo, não te esqueças que nãopodes acumular com o Instituto que te prometi :))

  6. Bemsei,
    Já fui lá ver, mas sabes que sou um pouco avesso a esses desafios. Olha pensei que era um mémé, com lãzinha encaracolada ;)))

  7. Rafeiro Perfumado,
    Swim has arrived, until now. Joe is lixadation...
    Joe sinks the marriage is going down to sink ;))


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