sábado, 1 de novembro de 2008

Cooking, Seasoning and Tasting

OOOPs! That's were the rush led me...

As I believe there's more fun in the way than in arriving to somewhere, I love seasoning when cooking.

“Sometimes seasoning it's really not needed” I hate that kind of judgment.

I love it tasty. The right spot for me:
Spicy and sweet wrapped on a sharp, brilliant and tiny sheet of metal ...
Well done? Never crossed my mind...Raw!!!
The desert: Chocolate, of course. White, milk, bitter, dark, bittersweet, never mind.
Is there black and blue? I really love that album...Memory Motel, Hot Stuff, Fool to cry and, of course Hey Negrita....

Stones or stoned? Never mind It's Only Rock 'n Roll (But I like It)...

Oh my God I miss London too!
Have a nice Halloween.

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  1. I miss London too..but I miss even kmore puccini chocolate from Amsterdam..the top for me


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